Current Position:


Owner of a Solo Private Practice; I function as an Expert Witness in matters involving the intersection of the Law and Clinical Psychology; I consult with members of the legal profession and others (excluding Criminal Law cases & Family Court cases -such as Child Custody Evaluations) in Civil Court actions (e.g., tort cases), Administrative Law, & Education Law (among others). My expertise lies in Psychological Testing, Psychological Assessment, Psychological Evaluation, & Personality Functioning. I provide verbal reports, written reports, and I testify in depositions and in front of judicial authorities. I have had extensive experience in Debate, Oratory, Original Oratory, and Acting. I have served for decades as a Professor explaining professional issues in clear and distinct language facilitating comprehension on the part of the layperson.

I would refer interested readers to the following article. Reference is made here to the Psychological Testing conducted by Roy Schafer, Ph.D. of Jack Ruby who murdered Lee Harvey Oswald (the assassin of President John F. Kennedy). Dr. Schafer was retained by Melvin Belli, Esq. because of his expertise in Psychological Testing acquired at the Menninger Clinic under David Rapaport, Ph.D. I was trained in this same tradition of using multiple psychological tests to assess an individual - it is the mind of the psychologist that is the ultimate sensitive psychological tool to understand another human being (and the not the bare test results in and of themselves).

Educational Background:

  • Post –Doctoral Fellow in Clinical Psychology (Two Years of Intensive Training in Psychological Testing and Psychotherapy; one of four doctors selected from a national pool of applicants) The Karl A. Menninger School of Psychiatry and Mental Health Sciences, The Menninger Foundation, Topeka, KS, graduated August 1980.

  • Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Department of Psychology and Social Relations, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, November, 1975. (Five years of superb training in psychological testing and psychotherapy with a one year clinical psychology internship in Zurich, Switzerland with Medard Boss, M.D. who combined psychology & the thinking of Martin Heidegger)

  • M.Div. (Master of Divinity), Psychology and Religion, Harvard Divinity School, Cambridge, MA, June, 1972. (Three years of intense training in the links between psychology and religion)

  • A.M. Clinical Psychology, Department of Social Relations (an interdisciplinary Department that combined Psychology, Sociology, and Cultural Anthropology), Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, June 1968.

  • A.B. With Distinction, Psychology and Honors Humanities, Phi Beta Kappa, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, June, 1967.